The Wonderful Cuisine of Peru


I have fallen in love with Peruvian food. To my surprise, the much improved Latino Compare Market on University Dr. now carries many of the needed ingredients and Amazon Prime offers the missing links. At ZCC, we are pleased to announce this addition to our "Cook In Your Nook" list of culinary classes. Commencing in August, here is a cooling alternative to beat the heat:

"Peruvian Delight Night"

  • CHICHA MORADA (this is a drink made from boiled purple corn, pineapple, apple, lime juice and sugar.) It can be served as a beverage. To make it a cocktail, the Peruvian way would be to add the liquor called Pisco. This is unfortunately NOT available at the ABC stores in NC. A good substitute is vodka or tequila.

  • CEVICHE APPETIZER Fresh raw tilapia fish diced and marinated in lime juice and served with Peruvian corn and onions.


  • CAUSA DE POLLO Boiled Peruvian Mashed potato seasoned with Ají Amarillo (Peruvian yellow chili pepper) and layered with Peruvian style chicken salad.

  • CREMA VOLTEADA Peruvian style crème caramel or FRUIT STUFFED EMPANADAS

Peruvian fruit empanadas.jpg

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Cheers, Zacki & the ZCC Team